Kosmetyki, które warto przechowywać w lodówce

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    The hontsey of your posting is there for all to see

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  4. susah dijangka ..adakalanya kita telah memandu dengan paling berhati-hati, tapi takdirnya orang yang melanggar..ini semua kuasanya ALLAH…semoga keluarga mangsa tabah menghadapi. yang pergi sudah tahu tempatnya yang terselamat …Ya Allah…seksanya hanya empunya diri menanggung..sakit tragedi oktober 10/10/10.

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  6. It's called being scared. I'm willing to be they had to play dumb lest they want to get fired. Overt censorship isn't needed in the West. Most is done through self-censorship in the name of keeping ones job.Look what happens when any Leftist wanders off the reservation and opening writes about what SOB's Muslims are. They're cut off in a New York second.The Left is absolutely brutal when it comes to people who do not tow the party line. It's not Communist Russia, but it's coming closer every day.

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    ‚creative directors are pushed for time’ honestly, are they? no one is that busy.their jobs are so completely useless beyond saying ‚yes’ or ‚no’ to things. i think the test is this-who would you be more concerned about if they were ‚pushed for time’; a paramedic or a creative director?it’s just a fucking job and a pretty unimportant one at that.

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