Pastelowe lakiery do paznokci na wiosnę i lato 2016

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  1. Pastelowe paseczki – TOP, TOP, TOP! 🙂

    • Cordelia pisze:

      Your story was really initvmaofre, thanks!

    • http://www./ pisze:

      I can’t get out how you have captured the beauty in each child. I feel that these portraits are works or art. Each little face is a spiritual experience!! I’m serious.

    • The improvements are awsome. I really like the ability to display your favorites in the order you choose. I've been waiting for that. Thanks YouTube! (though I'm not a fan of "active sharing")

    • http://www./ pisze:

      Yeah, can’t wait to see what you do with this. I hope you talk more about your approach and the order of events. Are you designing it yourself? Drainage and irrigation plan? Style(s)? Inspiration? Will there be edibles too?

    • http://www./ pisze:

      it looks like to me is that republicans plan to exploit the Benghazi deaths to the fullest extent possible, in an effort to discredit the Obama administration, and to distract attention from the fact that their own candidate is remarkably inept in the area of foreign policy.And his has resulted in the deaths of how many?…….What’s remarkable is that you are so enthralled with your blessed leader, that even when faced with the death of Americans, you’ll throw the deceased under the bus yet again…And you cry and whine about comments on your service?…You’re a disgrace.Reply

    • hennasplace, I saw that show on HBO. It was very funny. I think it was Pelosi’s daughter who produced it. deadalus2u, the Mugabe analogy is a pretty good one. You know what gwpriester, I have heard some other folks saying what you did about the Oscars. Although I am not sure about the best picture. Still, I will wait until I see it to before I judge.

    • Today is my birthday so I am feeling very very lucky and would LOVE to have some of the pretty stitch markers. I’m also a beginner so I don’t have that many projects to choose a looverliest one from, but I am very proud of a hat I knit recently for a charity knitting drive. I think it turned out very well.

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