Trendy w makijażu na wiosnę-lato 2016

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  1. Ewelina pisze:

    Ja polecam kosmetyki od Earthnicity Minerals. Wyglądają bardzo naturalnie na twarzy Są dla alergików i nie podrażniają nic a nic Warto też dodać że utrzymują się cały dzień na twarzy i są wodoodporne

    • Kayleen pisze:

      How could any of this be better stated? It co’nldut.

    • pisze:

      I too would describe myself as fat. I'm a UK size 18-22 on top, 22-26 on bottom. I've always found the word "fat" to be derogative and offensive, mainly because that is the word people used to hurt me when I was a child. I have huge body issues, but I admire you for being happy in your skin and I hope that one day I will be happy or at least satisfied with myself too. - Laura x

    • http://www./ pisze:

      Why hasn’t Obama done anything or mention Darfur??This doesn’t sound like the change Obama promised he would bring.Continue with your blind support of Obama and lets see where it gets you.

    • Ugotevryfkinnamtaken on December 13, 2010 millions of people are assembling iphones in sweatshops…. if they didn’t use their ‘pay’ for food and clothing they still wouldn’t have enough for an iphone… fuck your iphone

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