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    And Colchester with no Moslem population, Anon 4:40, does not have a multi-grooming problem. The obvious solution is to get Islam off the island.Get rid of the groomers and rapists only and you will still have a problem because the Imams interpret that the twitesdideology of Islam allows the rape Non-Moslems.

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    . This is a positive move by Yahoo.With this money they should be looking at interesting acquisition opportunities. These names come to mind – Automattic, Six Apart, Glam Media, Slide or maybe the likes of Foursquare.3 d2 45

  8. Thanks so much. I’m glad to see this addressed. We’ve talked with two different fertility clinics–one encouraged us to put 2-4 embryos back in the uterus, the other really enouraged just one. Although the expense and stress is high, our ultimate goal is ONE HEALTHY baby. We will always opt for one, and your statistics relieve us.

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    I’m grateful you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

  10. When I was younger, there was not a detail I could not remember. I would never write anything down. I knew all my friends phone numbers by heart. Then came the age of the cell phone and the digital address book. I realized that I was lost without my phone.I put a stop to that. I still have the numbers saved in my phone, but I dial them from memory ~ not from the address book. That is just one little thing I do to keep sharp. It also helps when to phone is on the fritz.

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    Anyone else notice that ringtones piped over to the iphone tend to be over modulated at higher volumes when they are not played via itunes or other mp3 programs on the computer?

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  13. to be a scientist practicing Psycohistory whereas he is really a wizard with supernatural powers.BTW apparently Asimov was a patriotic American. I read last week on Jerry Pournelle's site that he often sang all the verses of The Star Spangled Banner in public.Just a couple years after The Foundation trilogy was published Watson and Crick published their most famous work. In the following half century the whole human genome was mapped. Knowledge of individual differences has exploded while predictions of group behavior remain essentially impossible. Hari Seldon got it all backwards.Albertosaurus

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